Entry #34

Well hey dere

2012-02-08 13:08:37 by Gein

how about that redesign, eh?

Well hey dere


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2012-02-08 19:44:24


Gein responds:

sevkat you have a crush on me don't ya? don't worry the feelings mutual.


2012-02-10 11:32:49

You 4channers really have no sense of integrity do you? It's quite sicking to imagine.


2012-02-24 11:22:19

Oh I like your icon


2012-03-22 15:42:28

"I've been going to this site since I was 11 so you have no right to even say shit to me. If I ever saw you in real life I would cross a busy street just to punch you in your gut. Go back and crawl in your mothers vagina and stay there."

Yeah, I'd like to see try. It's easy to make threats and call people names over the internet, but I really do wonder if people like you could pull half of that shit in real life.

By the way, I've been coming to Newgrounds since I was 9. My original account here is from '04'. So you were saying..?


2012-04-28 16:48:36

Shut up Solidson. You're a lame faggot with no life. Don't go into real life, it's a scary place for pussies like you. Ha loser.



2014-01-04 06:09:41

Sevkat still crushes on you <3